Spectacular Waterfront Dining overlooking Port Superior Marina

restaurant 1Portside Restaurant is located 2 miles south of Bayfield, WI off Highway 13 in the Port Superior Marina. If you’re looking for true waterfront dining with a spectacular view, then this is a must during your Bayfield getaway.

When in Bayfield, try whitefish livers!

Why people love us?

We make the best quality fish and seafood in town. Our chefs are highly qualified and are able to satisfy your taste buds.

Our cooking process is highly hygienic and we use state-of-the-art equipment at our restaurant.

We use electric pressure cooker for all our pressure cooking e.g. Spicy Lemon Salmon, Steak, Rice cooking, etc.

Then we have helpers working with chefs, whose only job is to keep the kitchen clean.

You are going to love the quality of food and customer service.

Be our guest and you will be back, again and again.

What’s Special

Portside Bar and Restaurant serves the best steak and seafood.

Our Petitle Filet and Jumbo Shrimp are top of the charts. You can also try our Steak and Lobster which is either broiled or grilled, as per your selection.

If you’re a pepper guy, you will love our Pepper Steak which is peppered and pan seared Ton sirloin with peppercorn butter and Merlot sauce.

We serve salads, sandwiches and desserts as well.

Try a local home made dessert from Gourmet Garage.

Check out our specialty cocktails or ask your server about taking a bottle of our house made dressing home.

Hours of Operation

Open May through October

Breakfast: Saturday 7:00 am to 11:00 am

Sunday 7:00 am to noon

Dinner: Open at 5 pm nightly

Reservations appreciated.

Call 715-779-5380 to reserve a table!